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This will be the last time I will let Rogers Chevrolet on 2700 Michigan do work or attempt to do work on my car. I was in there at 8 am on 2/25 to get a replacement remote for my car. After checking my car in, I was instructed to go to the first booth for assistance. When I got to the both I had a seat (no staff at the desk) and was there 1 minute when the staff walked behind the desk and said rudely (no hello) I am not ready it's going to been 5-10 minutes; I just got here. I told the staff that I was instructed to come to booth one. He said you can go back to your car and wait for the next available the staff to call you I am not ready. At this point I said you need to speak with your coworker to see if they can take me instead of telling me to go back to my car. He stated once again I can not take you for 5 - 10 minutes (the booth next to him was open) which is the booth he should have asked to take me instead of acting as if I made him late for his job. Subsequently, the staff in the next booth voluntarily asked if he could help me. I must add that during the very rude conversation with the late staff, the customer relations guy was standing right there. Subsequently, I placed my service order and left for work.

When I arrived that evening to pick up my car, I was informed of the charges and paid for them. While I was waiting for my car to be pulled around and questioning a notation on my receipt, I noticed a charge for $11.89 for "Customer Pay Shop Charge for Repair Order". I inquired with the cashier about this charge and was told this is a fee that the City of Chicago charges for this Chevy dealer to dispose of waste / liquids that come out of the car. When I told the cashier that I had a replacement remote there was nothing to dispose of; her reply well I do not know.

The cashier calls another staff to explain the notation on the receipt I was concerned about and to explain the $11.89 charge. Subsequently he took me to the manager who again tried to explain the notation I was concerned about; I dropped the discussion about the notation concern and focused on the $11.89 charge. The manager first told me this is a disposal fee for the shop of tools/liquid/ etc., which I replied there was not anything to dispose of I had a replacement remote and it programmed. Then he made this ridiculous statement " the fee is for taking out the garbage around the shop" which I replied I do not pay for your staff to take out your garbage. Then he stated why are you so defensive? I replied, "I brought my car here for a ignition problem 6-7 months ago; the only thing that was done consisted of spraying some lubricant into the ignition and charged me for high repair charge; subsequently I wrote a letter/email to Chevy explaining nothing was done and I was charged for nothing". Eventually I was refunded my monies for this nonexistent charge.

Therefore I am very defensive due to the fact that Rogers Chevy added what apparently are bogus charges for my previous visit and this visit as well. At that time the manager instructed the other guy to refund the $11.89 charge for "Customer Pay Shop Charge for Repair Order". To have 2 bogus charges added to my bill both times I had my car serviced at Rogers, lets me know I can not trust this shop with charging me or doing the correct work truthfully.

If you get a bill beware of the $11.89 charge for "Customer Pay Shop Charge for Repair Order" if you had nothing to dispose of during your service visit..

Can't spend with who you don't trust; consumers be aware.

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